BMW Brutus: An Experimental Vehicle with 550hp Aircraft Engine and American LaFrance Chassis

Here's a strikingly cool video that will catch your attention from the very first seconds! Let's start with a brief historical fact: after the WWI, Germany was demanded to disarm in accordance with the principles of the Treaty of Versailles, the peace settlement which put an end to the WWI.

This general disarmament of Germany caused its weapons, military vehicles, engines be knocked around and one of them, an aircraft engine, found its way right into the skillful hands of BMW. This was a 12-yclinder aircraft engine with 46 liters displacement and a constant performance of 550 hp at 1500rpm. BMW then slapped this compelling engine onto an American La France chassis and the fantastic vehicle filmed in today's video was born. The BMW Brutus, which is an experimental vehicle, is now on display in the Technik Museum of Sinsheim.

If you want to spend some time with pure fun and see this outstanding vehicle then don't hesitate and check out today's video!