"Voodoo" Larry's Spectacular Built: Custom 1950 Mercury at Lombard Car Show

"VooDoo" Larry Grobe, who is a true legend in the custom industry, started building and customizing cars in his own driveway when he was only 18 years old.

He was then a staple at local cruise nights and car shows. After 25 years passed with experience, self-sacrifice and limitless dedication, VooDoo Larry became nationally famous for the miracles he performed on cars and now can be found at his shop, VooDoo Larry Kustoms , located in Illinois. His shop is a custom and hot rod heaven that only enthusiasts can enjoy. In this custom and hot rod paradise, there are countless cool builds. As those who take a look at this shop will notice immediately, VooDoo Larry puts his heart and soul into every build and modification, and that's probably why his customs are distinguishedly beautiful. In today's video, we're checking out Voodoo Larry and his lady partner telling about their elegant creation: a custom built 1950 Mercury. Caught on camera while at Lombard Car Show, this excellent piece of machinery reaches and goes beyond the limits of perfection.

Watch the video with ultimate attention to take a closer look at Voodoo Larry's '50 Mercury and leave your comment right below!