Ernie Adams and His Insanely Cool Fully Functional Dwarf Cars

Everything's better when smaller. When you put something in a miniature format it becomes cute and the video we present you right on this page today proves the accuracy of this very statement in an interesting way.

Ernie Adams, a dedicated lover of car, has a fascination with vehicles starting back in his student years. He not only admired the cars, but also built by and for himself using various materials including wood and scrap metal. He then came up with the idea of building a dwarf car and turned this insane project in to reality. The first dwarf car came into life in 1965 as a '28 Chevy two-door sedan made out of nine old refrigerators. He continued to build dwarf cars with different features and finally established a museum to display what he built over decades. Checking out today's video, you can see how spectacular these dwarf cars are.

Watch the video and let us know what you think about these insanely cool miniature cars and the brilliant mind behind them!