Factory Five Racing Resurrects a 1933 Ford Hot Rod with Supercharged 4.6 V8 Engine

Bring an old car, a classic especially, back to life and turn it into its glorious days means a lot for enthusiasts. This is exactly what many custom shops do apart from building a car from the scratch.

In today's video, we're checking out a 1933 Ford hot rod. Factory Five Racing, an accomplished company established in 1995 as a small garage and evolved into the world's biggest manufacturer of component car kits over the years, resurrected this '33 Ford hot rod and gave it a strikingly better look. It runs on a Supercharged 4.6 V8 engine and sounds like a roaring best as it drives through the street. The bicolor paintjob catches the attention at the very first glance you take at it while the black wheels rims and shiny silver front grilles are the other highlights that make this '33 Ford hot rod even cooler.

Watch the video till the end to take a look at the driving performance of this renewed '33 Ford hot rod and let us know what you think about it!