World Famous Custom Builder Rick Dore's Unbelievably Beautiful 1950 Custom Mercury

Do you know Rick Dore? If you're interested in custom stuff then you probably know who he is! Rick Dore is a worldwide famous American custom car builder and consultant who is prominent in the industry since the 1990's.

He owns and operated the Rick Dore Kustoms in California. His skillful hands and unique creativity, crystal clear vision and brilliant mind gave birth to countless machines. He also, as expected from such a dedicated lover of cars, owns an impressive car collection that includes many classics and special custom builds. In today video, which is a short but definitely worthwhile one, we're checking out Rick Dore's 1950 Custom Mercury that shines with glory. The dark red paintjob is so smooth and reflective that it can be used as a mirror. Silver details, such as grilles, wing mirrors, exhaust pipes and wheel rims catch the attention of the viewer at the very first glass due to the contrast they make with the bright red color.

Check out the video to be amazed by the jaw-dropping beauty of this '50 custom Mercury and let us know what you think about this excellent machine!