Barris Kustoms' 1952 Hirohata Mercury Custom is the Transfiguration of Elegance

Ever heard a car named "Hirohata Merc"? We bet only few of you have heard this strange name as this car is not as popular as its alikes.

Now, let us explain what is Hirohata Merc is for those who don't know yet. Technically, the Hirohata Merc is a custom car first produced in 1953. Often called as "the most famous custom of the classic era", appeared in numerous magazines and gained a reputation for its outstanding beauty. It was designed and built specially by George and Sam Barris, the skillful owners of Barris Kustoms. It started out as a 1951 Clup Coupe and went through detailed modifications until it took its final look. It runs on a Mercury Flathead engine and still has its original ice green paintjob. In today's video, which is a short but definitely worthwhile one, we're checking out a fascinatingly beautiful Hirohata Mercury Custom leaving its place at a car show.

It's fabulous to see such an elegant and exquisite machine in action. Watch this video and be ready to witness the pure elegancy!