James Helfield's "Aquarius" is as Cool as His Songs

When it comes to heavy metal James Hetfield is a legend. We all know him, right? He is an American musician, songwriter, singer; vocalist and the co-founder of world-famous heavy metal band Metallica. Apart from being gifted and deeply engaged in music, he is also interested in vehicles.

He is a member of Beatnicks car club. In today's video, we're checking out a fantastic machine owned by this dedicated man. The Aquarius is an eye-catching custom owned by James Hetfield. It is built by Rick Dore Kustoms, a successful custom shop located in California. The flowing eardrop body style is inspired by the 1938 Delahaye 165 Cabriolet. The body is hand-formed by Marcel's Custom Metal of Corona, California. The 124 inch wheelbase Morrison chassis is on AccuAir airbags and it features skirted wheels and a fantastic all silver paintjob. The engine is an LS with a 4L80E transmission. It was first displayed at the 66 th Annual Grand National Roaster Show and caught a great amount of attention from the attendees. Well, it deserves it. Such beauty needs appreciation.

Watch the video to enjoy the details of James Helfield's Aquarius and comment below!