Very Rare Very Cool 1942 Pontiac Torpedo Offers a Smooth Driving Experience

Pontiac is the favorite brand of many of us. Founded in 1926 and defunct just eight years ago, Pontiac designed, built and introduced so many cool vehicles that still inspire today's custom builders.

A great dedication, years of experience in the industry, a professional team and creative design lie behind these unforgettable machines, and in today's video, we're checking out one of them! It's a very rare 1942 Pontiac Torpedo, a full-size car manufactured by Pontiac from 1940 to 1948. As this website is dedicated to classic lovers, as well as to the fans of other vehicle types, we thought you might take a look at this one! This '42 Pontiac Torpedo was frame-off restored about 8 years ago and has been well-preserved ever since. It runs on a straight six, backed by a manual transmission and features a very streamlined fastback body style. Watching the video, you'll feel like you're the one who dries this '42 Pontiac Torpedo down the streets.

Check out the video to have this virtual reality-like experience and enjoy the fine details of this very rare very cool Pontiac!