Big Oak Garage's 1931 Ford Model A Street Rod is As Charismatic as Al Pacino in Scarface

There are countless custom shops in the North America, but only very few of them are specialized enough to build quality customs and Big Oak Garage is one of them.

Founded decades ago in Hokes Bluff, Alabama, this hot rod shop is professionalized in vehicles from 1972 and older. They offer mild upgrades to full body off frame restorations and heavy customizations. In today's video, shared by one of our favorite YouTube channels ScottieDTV, we're checking out a breathtaking creation of this accomplished hot rod shop. Caught on camera at the own garage of Big Oak Garage Hot Rod Shop, this nicely built machine is a 1931 Ford Model A Street Rod that looks as charismatic as Al Pacino in Scarface. It's nicknamed as "The Ultimate Sleeper". Watching the video, you can see this magnificent build with its every details and learn more about it. If you're interested in hot rod this video is just for you!

Check it out and you'll like it!