1965 VW Beetle Restoration - Metal Work Begins!

Today we start the metal work restoration on the 1965 VW Beetle. Removing the old rusted parts and fitting new body panels. Heater channels, luggage area and more. Restoring antique cars complete process. Howdy folks! Enjoy! Preservation, restoration, repairing antique vintage cars and trucks is my passion. This car was forgotten in a field in South Georgia for 40 years. Let's bring it back to life.

I believe it's important to not lose reference points when cutting out rusted areas. It's better to cut out one part, replace it, and then move on to the next part. This way, you're not losing track of how everything fits; you're maintaining your reference points so that in the end you've maintained all your measurements and there's a better chance everything is going to fit properly.

I know that a lot of people like the old weathered look but I don't see how someone would do all that work and not give it a fresh paint job. Especially if it's supposed to be a complete restoration.