F1-Inspired Hot Rod With A Honda S2000 VTEC Engine

It doesn't get much more Miami than this... This is a 1930 Ford Model A, or at least it used to be one. These days it's a Rat Rod, with F1-inspired looks and about half a Honda S2000 underneath. Car enthusiast and tuner Ricky Boada has devoted himself to transforming an Instagram render into the real thing, mixing old Americana with a dash of JDM - what a recipe. Watch Rob Dahm tour around Miami in one of the wildest builds yet.

Ever since I saw this thing in Need for Speed 2015 I wondered what it was, i looked up its history, this thing has been through so many owners, configurations and engines, it's like a car going through an identity crisis

Rat rods/ hot rods are DEFINITELY my all time favorite genre of American car culture. They are just plain COOL! And this thing is beautiful!!

The best decision Top Gear brand managers ever made was to bring Rob Dahm aboard.