1965 Shelby Cobra

In this episode we take you for a full walk through of the details of the build and have a ride along in this beautiful machine.

This 1965 Factory Five Shelby Cobra is one of a kind! After ordering the Factory Five Mark IV kit, Michael Craven started putting this project together in his 2 car garage. When it was delivered to his house it was just a shell, a frame and 30 boxes of parts which took 3 years of work to complete. He had the idea to put a coyote motor in the car.

This car is a total stunner inside and out. That color combo is fantastic. The grey with bronze wheels looks phenomenal. Really great build! What a perfect combination of things. Very classy, subtle, modest, while being outrageous at the same time.

Fun fact about this amazing car! When sitting in a Cobra the distance from your ear to the exhaust tip is shorter than if you are sitting on a Harley Davidson.

If you're interested in seeing a spectacular car then scroll down and check this video!!!