Most Comfortable Cars Ever Made: This 1972 Mercury Marquis Brougham

Here is one of the best American vehicles made for cruising, the 1972 Marquis Brougham with a 429-4V engine. There is so much attention to detail on this car. You can see thoughtful touches and quality all over. Also you can see the Lincoln influences on this car and the many cars that came afterwards. And notice the Lincoln emblem over the years! They tailored this car to a buyer who wanted a Lincoln but could not buy one, would look at this car and the models afterwards and consider that model.

The 1972 Mercury Marquis Brougham was a full-size luxury car produced by the Mercury division of Ford Motor Company. It was available with a range of engines, including the 429-4V engine. The 429-4V engine was a V8 engine that produced 360 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque. It had a displacement of 429 cubic inches (7.0 liters) and was paired with a three-speed automatic transmission.

This awesome car with a 429-4V engine was a powerful and luxurious car that was designed for comfortable cruising on the open road. The car had a spacious trunk, which was ideal for long road trips or for transporting luggage and other items. It was popular with buyers who wanted a high-end car that combined style, comfort, and performance.

Watch the video to hear more about this 1972 Mercury Marquis Brougham and enjoy!