First Wash In 10 Years - 55 Year Old Mercedes W108

This dirty 1967 Mercedes W108 gets it first wash in 10 years! This video includes a deep clean of the exterior of the car. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing someone take such care and attention to detail. What a beautiful Mercedes and what a fantastic job!

The 1967 Mercedes-Benz W108 is a classic luxury car that was part of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class range. It was produced from 1965 to 1972 and featured a variety of engine options, elegant styling, and advanced technology for its time.

The W108 was a highly regarded model and contributed to Mercedes-Benz's reputation for building luxurious and reliable cars. Its timeless design and engineering excellence have made it a sought-after classic car among enthusiasts.

If you own a 1967 Mercedes W108 or are considering purchasing one, it's important to note that maintaining its originality and preserving its classic charm can significantly impact its value. Regular maintenance, sourcing authentic parts, and ensuring proper care will help keep the car in excellent condition and maintain its classic appeal.

Check out the video and enjoy this vintage car!