Custom-Built Classic Cars

A long time staple of the car enthusiast world has been TV shows like Top Gear, Roadkill, and many other automotive entertainment-based media. Bringing us entertaining ways to learn about new cars, or watch seasoned mechanics build uniquely cool vehicles, many TV shows have a place in the hearts of car enthusiasts worldwide. Here are the top 5 custom cars that stand out as some of the craziest projects.

On our fifth spot Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo - Tavarish, A dream car for many even when left stock, the Lamborghini Gallardo was one of the premiere supercars of the early 2000s, costing 6 figures, and being a powerful monster in typical Lamborghini fashion. Our number 4 is Twin-Turbo LS Swap Lamborghini Huracan - B Is For Build. If you're a die-hard Lamborghini purist, look away now. But, if you like uniquely crazy builds that no one else has ever dared to do before, then this is one of the best out there.

Moving on to 3 is Blown Big Block Swap Chevy Camaro - Cleetus McFarland, on spot #2 2JZ Swap Formula Drift Nissan S15 - Adam LZ, 4-Rotor Swap AWD Mazda RX-7 - Rob Dahm. Now in case you are wondering who is on the top list of the craziest thing that you can see on custom built cars, so you better stick around till the end of this video.

Check out the video and tell us what do you think of it!