600hp Custom Chevy C10 Pro-Touring Truck

A custom Chevy C10 Pro-Touring truck refers to a modified version of the classic Chevrolet C10 pickup truck that has been upgraded for improved performance, handling, and overall driving experience. Pro-Touring builds typically involve a combination of performance upgrades, suspension enhancements, modern technology integration, and aesthetic modifications.

To achieve 600 horsepower in a custom C10 Pro-Touring truck, one approach could be to swap the original engine with a high-performance crate engine or build a custom engine. It's worth noting that building a custom Pro-Touring truck requires expertise, planning, and a budget that aligns with your desired modifications. Working with experienced professionals or automotive enthusiasts can help ensure that the build meets your expectations and results in a high-performance Chevy C10 Pro-Touring truck.

Chris Chandler was an engineer at Dinan which is a highly respected company who specializes in turning BMW's into complete street/track monsters, so naturally he went out and built himself a totally wicked C10 that handles even better than his E46 M3. So sit back and enjoy the ride... Check out the video below and see just how perfect this truck is.