Abandoned 1971 Ford Mustang I Will It Run & Drive Home After 25 Years?

Here is a 1971 Ford Mustang. It was part of the second-generation Mustang lineup, featuring a larger and more substantial design compared to its predecessors. This generation of Mustangs was produced from 1971 to 1973. Here's some information about the 1971 Ford Mustang:

Body Styles: Offered as a coupe, convertible, and fastback (SportsRoof).
Design: Featured a prominent front grille, dual headlights, and a longer hood.
Engines: Offered a range of engines, including V8 options like the 302, 351, and the high-performance 429 Cobra Jet.
Performance: While it shifted towards a more comfort-oriented design, high-performance variants like the Boss 351 and Mach 1 were available.
Interior: Modernized interior with improved comfort and driver-focused features.
Transmissions: Available with manual and automatic transmissions.
Special Editions: Included the Mach 1 and Boss 351 for enhanced performance and visual appeal.
Safety: Equipped with impact-absorbing bumpers to meet safety regulations.

Join the Turnin' Rust team as they dive into an abandoned 1971 Ford Mustang. After finding this car sitting up for over 20 years, the team decides to give it their best shot at not only reviving but attempting to drive this forgotten beauty back to the shop. Fighting their way through wasps, honey bees, and the Texas heat, the guys have high hopes of seeing this once prized muscle car moving under its own power. Will the guys be able to make it home or has this Ford breathed its last breath? Let's get a look!

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