Airplane Hangar Full Of Over Twenty 1950s and 60s Classic Cars

Today's video shows us just how unique classic cars from the 1950s and 1960s are! Join us and take a look at this amazing collection. The guys had the opportunity to visit a private car collection hidden in an old airplane hangar in Western Pennsylvania. There are a lot of incredible cars here! Matt and Mike hope that one day this collection will be saved. Honestly, the way these cars have been stored is like looking into someone's personal history. They are easy to clean and will work fine as the old v8 analog all metal cars from the 60's are hard to destroy.

Throughout this video and at the very end we see a circa 1968 Rover 2000TC that looks pretty solid. The Rover P6 product line was quite interesting from an engineering point of view. Lots of cool features including De Dion rear suspension. These cars rode, handled very well and were very safe for their time. The car in this video will have an overhead cam inline four, two SU carburetors, and most likely a 4 speed manual transmission. That engine put out 127 hp from 2000cc and that was pretty good for the early and even late 60's. There was also a very interesting front suspension, designed to leave plenty of room for the proposed gas turbine engine. Rover later bought the tools and rights to Buick's aluminum 215 cubic inch V-8 BOP engine and installed it in this chassis. In the USA, this car was sold as the Rover 3500S with three functional hood scoops. It was quite a cruiser.

Don't miss your great chance to see these wonderful cars! Let us know what you think in the comments!