1937 Ford Convertible Custom

The 1937 Ford Convertible is a classic car model known for its distinctive design and features. The 1937 Ford Convertible was part of Ford's lineup during the late 1930s. The '37 Ford Convertible featured a sleek and aerodynamic design with prominent fenders and a distinctive front grille. It was known for its Art Deco styling elements. It typically came equipped with a V8 engine, offering more power compared to the previous four-cylinder models. The convertible model had a soft top that could be lowered or raised, providing an open-air driving experience.

Completed in 1999, this customized 1937 Ford Convertible has only accumulated 10,000 miles since its finish. With an initial build cost of $180,000, this vehicle made a significant impact back then and continues to captivate enthusiasts today. Adorned with custom elements throughout, this car boasts a distinctive appearance, and beneath it, the undercarriage resembles a curated display at its very own car show.

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