1946 International Overtaken by Nature

The Restored team heads back into the deep woods of Northeast Texas in hopes of rescuing an abandoned International KB1 truck that has lain dormant for over 50 years! Not knowing for sure what obstacles lie ahead, the guys cut through the thickets of bushes, trying to remove what Mother Nature has taken possession of. Watch out for all the hard work and excitement that goes into unearthing this forgotten beauty!

Trucks from the 1940s, including those from International, often had a distinctive design characterized by rounded fenders, a prominent grille, and a relatively utilitarian appearance. This truck is no exception! In the 1940s, gasoline engines were more common, and diesel engines were less prevalent in lighter-duty trucks. International trucks from the mid-20th century have gained a reputation for their robust construction and longevity. That's why, even after sitting in the forest for 50 years, this truck can still work.

International trucks are known for their durability and reliability! Even at this stage, this is a great looking truck! Great find! Watch the process of evacuation of this old but very impressive truck. Cheer yourself up, because this video is really good!