First Wash in 15 Years: Abandoned Barn Find Porsche

This is a Porsche 944. It featured a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout. The design of the Porsche 944 was distinctive, with pop-up headlights, flared wheel arches, and a sloping rear hatchback. The car's design was both aerodynamic and stylish, reflecting Porsche's commitment to performance and aesthetics.

In this cool video, you'll see the interior and exterior of a Porsche 944 washed, covered in mold, dirt, and debris that hasn't been detailed in years. All of this requires a full body pressure wash followed by a pressure wash. Clay bar and then polishing the paint to bring back its shine and complete interior detail, including removing mildew!

It's very sad that such a cool car was abandoned and no one looked after it for 15 years. But what will it look like after such a detailed wash? We invite you to watch the video below to see this Porsche's transformation. If you found this episode interesting or motivating, please leave a comment below. It is important for us to hear your opinion. Enjoy watching.