Custom Home Built 1959 Chevrolet Apache 31 Fleetside 350 Pickup Truck

Featuring a custom mint 1959 Chevrolet Apache 31 Fleetside 350 pickup truck, this stunning release tells a heartfelt and inspiring story of transformation and dedication. This truck is a shining example of how a passion project can become a significant part of someone's life.

The pickup truck was initially bought by Wade's father, but it turned out to be in worse condition than anticipated. The truck ended up as a garden decoration and even served as a chicken coop at one point. As Wade grew up, he developed an interest in the project. His father passed the truck on to him, sparking a journey of restoration and customization. Wade invested 12 months in welding and many more years in building and perfecting the truck. His determination is a testament to his passion and love for automotive restoration. What started as a quick project turned into an award-winning show car, showcasing Wade's skills and creativity.

This unique truck equipped with a 350 cubic inch V8 engine, a popular choice for custom builds due to its power and reliability. The truck features a mint color paint job, which adds to its unique and eye-catching appearance. Extensive custom work has been done, including modifications to the body, chassis, and interior to turn it into a show-winning beauty.

The truck holds a special place in Wade's life, as he even used it to propose to his fiancée, making it a symbol of personal milestones and cherished memories. While some may view Wade's dedication as an obsession, he sees it as a labor of love, reflecting his deep connection to the project and the joy it brings him! Watch the video below and you will be amazed by the history and beauty of this car.