Rusty Deadlocked Vise - Restoration

In this video you can see the restoration of a very small rusty and deadlocked Gressel Bench Vise.

My friend has found this tiny vise on the steel waste and I thought this would be cool for a video.

On first sight it was only sized and had some additional holes. When disassembling I also quickly realized that something on the half round part was not right and after sandblasting I also saw pretty deep damages near the jaws.

There was a bit of a mess with the threads at the half round part, so I decided to close them all with very tight press fitted plugs and cut two new M4 threads. I decided to paint this vise in a nice red (RAL3011) with white highlights on the lettering.

As the spindle only had very little rust, I was able to clean it very nicely with rust remover, wire brush, some sandpaper and scotch...

In my opinion the red looks very nice together with the black steel parts and the shiny sanded surfaces and the white details of the lettering are just the cherry on top.

Watch the video and let us know what you think about it in the comments! Hope you like it!