German Guy Driving a Tractor Fails So Badly and Goes into Water!

Have you ever wondered why we love fail videos so much? There must be some "failure" in a video to be called as a "fail video", and that failure is usually the cause or result of an undesired incident.

Okay, we know it, but why we enjoy it? Does seeing someone else's mistake make us feel better? Do you enjoy saying "I wouldn't do such a mistake"? Do you say "What an idiot!" after watching such videos? Whether you do or not, there's something interestingly enjoyable about fail videos and today we present you one! In today's video, you're going to see a German guy who drives his tractor on a quite lush field with great trees on it. Then, a water way appears and we see the German guy trying so hard to pass across it. As you all can guess, the guy fails in passing it and the poor tractor, which looks extremely cool, goes into the water. Luckily, the guy is skillful enough to rescue the tractor and get it out of water without causing any damage.

Check out today's fail video to see what happens and leave your comment below! We care your opinion!