Old Yanmar YMG1800 Tractor Full Restoration

On a beautiful day, they went to look for and buy old things for restoration, by chance these guys went into the house of a resident and saw a Yanmar YMG1800 tractor, also known as a plow. It stood in the garden for about 5 years without working, trees grew around the tractor and the tractor was heavily rusted, many places are still rotten.

The Yanmar YMG1800 is a compact utility tractor produced by Yanmar, a Japanese manufacturer known for its agricultural and construction machinery. Compact utility tractors like the YMG1800 are designed to be versatile machines suitable for a range of tasks on small farms, properties, and landscaping projects.

The guys bought this tractor for $400 to restore and repair this tractor. And they took it home and dismantled all the details for restoration. First, this man restored the rear drive of the car, in part 2 he restored and repaired the transmission of the Yanmar YMG1800 tractor.

Then he rebuilds the tractor engine, although it is very rusty on the outside, inside the gears and bearings are brand new and in very good working order, so they just cleaned-cleaned the internals and reassembled them. Within 30 days, the tractor was restored and repaired, and it started working again, and better than before. Hope you find something useful from this video!

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