Woodworking Equipment

Take a closer look at the impressive machines used in the logging industry. From the powerful Feller Buncher to the heavy-duty Skidder, the Harvester, and more, these machines make harvesting and processing wood efficient and fast.

The logging industry utilizes various machines and equipment to carry out different tasks efficiently. Here are some common machines used in the logging industry:

Harvesters: Harvesters are purpose-built machines designed to fell trees, delimb them (remove branches), and cut them into desired lengths. They often have an articulated arm with cutting attachments and processing capabilities, allowing for efficient tree harvesting.

Forwarders: Forwarders are specialized machines used to transport felled trees from the harvesting site to a landing area or roadside. They have a loading area on the back that can carry logs or whole trees and are equipped with a hydraulic crane for loading and unloading.

Skidders: Skidders are used to extract felled trees from the forest floor to a central location. They typically have a grapple or winch system that can grip and drag logs or whole trees. Skidders can be wheeled or tracked, depending on the terrain and requirements.

Feller Bunchers: Feller bunchers are large machines used for felling trees and gathering them into bunches. They have cutting heads or shears mounted on an articulated arm, allowing them to cut and gather multiple trees simultaneously. Feller bunchers are often used in clear-cutting operations.

Chainsaws: Chainsaws are handheld power tools used by loggers to fell trees, limb branches, and cut logs into smaller sections. They come in various sizes and power options, from lightweight models for limbing to heavy-duty chainsaws for felling larger trees.

Mulchers: Mulchers are machines designed to clear vegetation and undergrowth in logging areas. They use powerful rotary cutting heads or flails to shred small trees, brush, and other vegetation into fine mulch.

Log Loaders: Log loaders are used to handle and load logs onto trucks or other transport vehicles. They often have a hydraulic grapple or clamshell bucket attachment for grabbing and lifting logs.

Chippers: Chippers are machines used to process logging waste, such as branches and tree tops, into wood chips. These chips can be used for various purposes, including fuel, landscaping, or pulp production.

Logging Trucks: Logging trucks are heavy-duty vehicles specially designed to transport logs from the logging site to sawmills or other processing facilities. They often have an extended flatbed or trailer with stakes to secure the logs for transport.

Bulldozers: Bulldozers are occasionally used in logging operations for site preparation, clearing debris, or constructing roads. They have a large blade mounted on the front for pushing and leveling materials.

In this video you can see different machines used in the forestry industry and learn about their unique features. Which machine do you find the most impressive? Let us know in the comments below. Enjoy watching.