The Ultimate Portable Sawmill Swedish Logosol M8

It's now possible to produce high-class planks and boards even from the biggest logs in the desired length and dimensions with the ultimate portable sawmill, Logosol M8. This spectacular sawmill is built with strong and anodized aluminum along with the other materials of highest quality.

Along with being rustproof, strong and rigid to produce large-diameter planks or boards, it's also lightweight to be moved and lifted easily by hand. Being produced by Logosol, a world leader in wood processing and woodworking equipments, Logosol M8 sawmill designed and manufactured to be both mobile and stationary.

This innovative portable sawmill is equipped with adjustable feet, double log clamps, repellent surface, log ramps, a perfect chainsaw, log house moulder, bandsaw and the other quality accessories. It weighs 52 kilograms without the saw unit and its length is 5,5m which is the standard length for portable sawmills.

The other technical specifications for this functionally-designed sawmill is 0,6m for width, 1,0m for height, 2m for the space between the log supports and 0,9m for the maximum length of logs. The Sweden-made portable sawmill, Logosol M8 offers you the best with its mobile body, strong-ergonomic construction, easy maintenance, high quality ripping chain and unique design.