This Is How Oversized Loads Are Transported

In today's video, we'll take a look at exactly how these 11 amazing vehicles transport oversized loads. Transporting oversized loads requires specialized equipment and planning, and is typically carried out by experienced professionals who understand the unique challenges involved.

Oversized loads are often transported on flatbed trailers that are specifically designed to carry heavy or bulky items. These trailers can be configured in different ways to accommodate different types of loads and may require special permits and escorts to transport them on public roads.

For extremely large and heavy loads, specialized trailers such as lowboys, extendable trailers, and multi-axle trailers may be used. These trailers have unique features such as hydraulic systems that allow the trailer to lower to the ground or extend to accommodate the load.

Oversized loads often require escort vehicles to accompany the shipment, particularly when it is traveling on public roads. Escort vehicles help ensure that other drivers on the road are aware of the oversized load and can safely navigate around it.

Watch this video until the end to learn more about these amazing vehicles!