Comparing The Biggest Trucks On Earth

In this episode, we take a look at the Suncor Base Mine and compare some of the largest trucks on Earth. Witness the process of oil sand mining from start to finish as we journey through the shovel pit, analyze the extraction process, and observe how these massive trucks carry their loads to the crusher for processing. You can see how these mechanical beasts work in harmony to support our oil-dependent world.

Equipment: CAT 797B Mining Truck, 980E Komatsu Mining Haul Truck, 930 Komatsu Mining Haul Truck, Bucyrus 495 Shovel, EX8000 Hydraulic Shovel, P&H 4100 Mining Shovel. These massive vehicles are commonly used in industries such as mining and construction for hauling large quantities of material over long distances.

The rankings of the largest trucks can vary depending on different criteria, such as payload capacity, gross vehicle weight, or physical dimensions. The models mentioned above represent some of the notable contenders in terms of sheer size and hauling capabilities in the heavy-duty truck segment.

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