Extreme Heavy Recovery

Extreme heavy recovery refers to the process of recovering or removing extremely large and heavy vehicles or equipment that are stuck, overturned, or otherwise immobilized. This could include recovery operations for vehicles such as large trucks, buses, construction equipment, or even aircraft.

When large machines like excavators and trucks get stuck and sink, it can present a challenging situation that requires specialized equipment and expertise to resolve. Here are some common techniques and equipment used in extreme heavy recovery:

Heavy-duty tow trucks: These trucks are specifically designed and equipped to handle the weight and size of heavy vehicles. They often have powerful winches, extended boom arms, and additional axles to provide stability and towing capacity.

Rotators: Rotators are heavy-duty tow trucks with rotating crane-like booms that can lift and rotate heavy objects, allowing for precise positioning during recovery operations. They are especially useful in complex recovery scenarios.

Air cushions: Air cushions are large inflatable bags that can be placed under a vehicle to lift it off the ground. They are commonly used in situations where a heavy vehicle has overturned or is stuck in a precarious position.

Heavy-duty recovery straps and chains: These heavy-duty straps and chains are used to secure and stabilize the vehicle during recovery operations. They are designed to withstand immense tension and forces.

Rigging equipment: Various rigging equipment such as shackles, slings, pulleys, and snatch blocks may be used to create anchor points, redirect forces, and control the movement of heavy vehicles during the recovery process.

Winches: Powerful winches are essential tools for extreme heavy recovery. They can be used to pull or drag a stranded vehicle out of a difficult situation, or to upright an overturned vehicle.

Specialized recovery teams: Extreme heavy recovery often requires highly skilled and experienced operators who specialize in these complex operations. These professionals understand the unique challenges involved and know how to safely and effectively recover heavy vehicles.

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