Restoration Komatsu Final Drive Assembly

Would you like to see how a bulldozer's final drive and idler wheel are repaired? It will be an unforgettable sight! In difficult conditions with minimal resources, with limited capabilities, but with excellent results in the end. Of all the personal qualities that these guys have - intelligence, courage, know-how, courage, tenacity, the only characteristic that explains their success is cooperation!

Living in a country where people use power tools to take a watch apart, this is certainly a pleasure to watch! They did a truly wonderful work. Although all the parts are very heavy, it's great mastery of all the movements! Great job! It keeps you watching to the end, the mechanisms in this vehicles are incredible, so beefy.

Well done, they do such work in such conditions with minimal equipment. Repairs are made from what is available. Although surfacing with the design of a grinder groove does not seem to be the best solution, apparently they have a specially trained grinder operator who can sharpen a grinder from the threshold of a lathe. Let's get a look...