Huge Terex RH170 Shovel Excavator Loading Dumpers in Different Mining Sites

Check out this awesome massive hydraulic mining shovel/excavator! This is a Terex RH170. It is designed for large-scale mining and heavy-duty excavation operations. The Terex RH170 is one of the largest hydraulic mining shovels in the world. It has an operational weight that can exceed 1,000 metric tons.

The shovel is equipped with an enormous bucket with a capacity that can exceed 45 cubic meters. This large bucket allows the machine to move vast amounts of material in a single scoop.The RH170 is powered by a high-capacity engine to provide the necessary power for its heavy-duty operations.

Hydraulic systems on machines like the Terex RH170 are designed for maximum efficiency and control. They allow precise movements of the bucket and other components for efficient digging and loading. The primary application of the Terex RH170 is in large-scale mining and excavation projects, particularly in open-pit mining operations. It's used to move significant quantities of overburden and ore.

The operator's cab is equipped with advanced controls and technologies to ensure efficient and safe operation. Comfort features are often integrated to accommodate long working hours. Safety features are a critical aspect of these machines due to their size and the nature of the work they perform. Various safety systems and protocols are implemented to protect both the machine and its operators.

The Terex RH170 is part of the Terex Mining product line. Terex is a global manufacturer of heavy equipment for various industries, including mining, construction, and infrastructure. See this incredible huge mining excavator in action. Watch the truly amazing video below and enjoy every second of the episode.