The Biggest Excavator Liebherr R 9800

The Liebherr R 9800 is one of the largest mining excavators produced by the Liebherr Group, a renowned manufacturer of heavy equipment. The Liebherr R 9800 is an ultra-class excavator designed for large-scale mining operations. It falls into the category of ultra-large hydraulic excavators and is known for its massive size and impressive digging capabilities.

The operating weight of the Liebherr R 9800 is substantial, typically in the range of several hundred metric tons. The bucket capacity is large, allowing you to move significant volumes of material in a single bucket. The R 9800 is equipped with a powerful engine to provide the necessary force for digging and loading tasks in mining operations.

The primary application of the Liebherr R 9800 is in large-scale mining operations, where its size and capacity make it suitable for efficiently moving substantial volumes of earth and rock. Depending on the configuration and attachments, the R 9800 can be adapted for various mining tasks, including digging, loading, and hauling.

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