CAT D10N Dozers and CAT 651E Scrapers at Work

Get ready to see some great video! The Caterpillar D10N dozers and 651E scrapers working together in a construction or mining setting represent a powerful and efficient combination for large-scale earthmoving operations.

The CAT D10N is a large track-type tractor, which was introduced by Caterpillar Inc. in the mid-1980s. It's known for its robust construction, reliability, and significant power. The D10N is designed to handle tough, heavy jobs with ease. Its power is crucial for pushing large quantities of earth, debris, or other materials. The CAT 651E is a motor scraper designed for efficient earthmoving. As a self-loading scraper, it can both cut and load material into its bowl, then transport and dump it at a designated location.

It's impressive to see this range of machinery at work! The scrapers are being filled efficiently, maintaining acceptable loading times. This keeps them constantly moving, ensuring a high number of loads per hour. The focus here is on keeping the loading times short and efficient, rather than spending extra time overloading. Watching this array of machines in action is really enjoyable. The sheer power of these machines is astonishing. Check out today's video below and enjoy these incredible machines!