Transporting the 125 Tones Liebherr 984 Excavator by Side

Transporting a 125-tonne Liebherr 984 excavator by side refers to moving the excavator horizontally or laterally, as opposed to transporting it on a trailer in a traditional way. Transporting heavy equipment like the Liebherr 984 excavator is a complex task that requires careful planning, specialized equipment, and adherence to safety regulations.

The transport crew must pay close attention to the stability of the excavator during the loading process. They must know the machine's center of gravity and ensure that it is loaded onto the transport equipment in such a way that it remains balanced and stable throughout the journey. This is really very important! Working with experienced professionals, including engineers, transportation specialists, and equipment operators, is essential for the successful transport of such heavy machinery.

What could be cooler than special equipment?! The power is unreal! Get ready to encounter an extraordinary means of transportation. It should be noted that this excavator is clearly too heavy for the trailer's load capacity! Do you agree? It's time to take a look at one of the giant machines! Are you wondering how the operators loaded it? If yes, check out the video below and have fun!