Gordon Tronson's Masterpiece 1962 Ford Equadoline First Drive!

If you think logically, there's no reason to build a twin-engine 1000+ horsepower hot rod by yourself in your own garage. Buti Gordon Tronson, a crazy hot rod, show car and race car builder, creates his own automobiles by and for himself.

His automotive genius is both nationally and internationally famous from numerous appearances on The History Channel's Counting Cars television show and the mind-blowing machines he builds and displays all over the world. Today's video shows us one of the fantastic vehicles constructed by this insanely skillful guy: a 1962 Ford Econoline. Nicknamed as "Equadoline", this cool 62' Ford pickup truck runs on four Supercharged Hemi engines capable of making 4,000 horsepower. Yeah, you read it right! Four engines! Now try to imagine how powerful this pickup truck really is! A brand new tube chassis supports the engines staged in the back of the cab. All the details, even the smallest ones, are professionally organized, making this truck a true masterpiece.

Check the video out to see the first drive of Equadoline and enjoy!