HEMI Powered Hot Rod Spits Fierce Flames Out of Its Cool Pipes!

Now, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to have some fun! As many of you will agree, when it comes to hot rods, there are some certain features that make a car a hot rod.

Sharp angles, fine details and professional paintjob, particularly with flame design, are among these distinctive features. In today's video, which lasts for two minutes only, but gives you more fun than a movie starring your favorite actor does, demonstrates us a real hot rod. It not only looks like a hot rod, but also sounds like a hot rod. But, what makes this hot rod different and special than any of its counterparts is that it throws fierce flames out of its exhaust pipes.

It's way more beautiful than a nice scenery and it sounds sweeter than most of the hit songs. If you're interested in hot rods, or let's say if you're interested in quality, then check out this video till the end and feast your eyes!