The Packard Royal Streamliner Roadster with an Insanely Powerful Boat Engine from WWII

We love customs, right! We all love it! In today's video, we're checking out a vehicle that has undergone a heavy and detailed customization process.

As known by many, the Packard Royal Streamliner Roadster is a perfectly built custom car equipped with a supercharged 1600hp Packard V12 engine, a powerful beast taken from a patrol torpedo boat that was used in World War II. The engine is capable of putting down 3,000 ft lbs of torque at the rear wheels. Along with a strong engine, there's something another that makes this exquisite machine even better: its shape! The overall length of the car is 31 feet 6 inches. It's a fair long vehicle! The impressive body is of hand polished aluminum and brass, reflecting the talents of Chip Foose and Mr. Marcel DeLay, two great legends of the custom world. As reported, it took over 12,000 man hours to complete this masterpiece. Well, every minute they spent for it is worthy!

Watch the video to see how amazing the Packard Royal Streamliner Roadster really is and don't forget to leave your comment!