Ford Model T Go Kart Looks Like a Real Hot Rod with Its Every Single Detail

Creativity matters! If you have some skills and a clear vision then you can make various things on your own, including brilliant DIY projects, complex home repairs and even a whole vehicle!

In today's video, we're seeing such a case! Watching today's inspiringly enjoyable video, you're going to see a Ford Model T go kart powered by a monstrous Hemi. This go kart is professionally transformed into a badass machine that looks fabulous for a project. It looks like a real hot rod with its every single detail including the flame- patterned paintjob, shiny exhaust pipes, high-quality red leather seats and the steering wheel. In the video, the guy who films it tells us about this fantastic build and gives us all the technical details. The go kart looks really good, we bet it sounds good too, but it would be even better if they would let us hear the engine work.

If you're interested in such projects and want to see how amazing this Ford Model T Go kart truly is then don't wait even for a second and check out today's video!