Junkyard-Rescue 1958 Ford Cabover Truck is Probably the Baddest Thing You Can Ever See!

Some people, generally with low or middle incomes, work hard for years to own their own vehicles.

When they do it they dote upon their vehicles, they spend lots of time with them and they drive them very carefully. Some others, however, buy their vehicles like they buy candies from a store. It's something ordinary for them and they do not pay much attention to their vehicles. Sometimes, they even leave them at junk yards, letting them decay out there. Luckily, there are enthusiasts who are devoted and skillful enough to bring these abandoned vehicles back to life! Steve Lourenco, the owner of Lourenco Customs is one of these devoted enthusiasts. Today's video shows us the great machine he found abandoned in a junk yard. It's a 1958 Ford Cabover truck that looks like an injured bird. Steve and his professional team worked really hard on this injured lion and treated it to perfection. It's a gorgeous junkyard-rescue and it's probably the baddest thing you can ever see on four wheels. The sharp pointed accessories mounted on the rims make this '58 Ford look insanely cool while the rusty body gives also a badass appearance.

Watch the video to see the details of this successfully completed project and enjoy!