1947 Ford Rat Rod Build!

Check out this incredible custom build! This is Old Crow, a 1947 Ford rat rod. This classic hot rod is a must-watch for any rat rod enthusiast! What started out as a salvage yard Cinderella, this build has turned into an amazing, one of a kind, rat rod.

A 1947 Ford Rat Rod is a type of hot rod car that typically has a heavily modified, stripped-down appearance with a focus on function over form. Rat rods are often created by piecing together parts from different cars, resulting in a unique and customized look. The term "rat" refers to the rough, unfinished appearance of the car, which can sometimes resemble a rodent that has been living in a junkyard.

Building a Rat Rod is often seen as a creative and artistic expression of automotive customization. While the term "rat rod" originally referred to a type of hot rod that was built on a tight budget, the style has evolved into a distinct subculture within the automotive community.

Check out the video, see how special this hot rod is and enjoy!!!