World's 6 Wildest Drag Cars And Wheelstanders

Talking about drag racing, drag car and wheelstander is always popular subject that most of drag racing enthusiasts interested. In drag racing history, there are a lot of drag cars and wheelstanders have been built for competition as well as show car so it's to difficult to select which are legendary or coolest drag cars (drag race car, drag racing car) and wheelstanders.

We are showing you 6 extremely drag cars (drag race cars, drag racing cars) and wheelstanders that will impress you totally. These insane drag racing cars and wheelstanders are not only fast speed by powerful engines but also known as weird, wacky and wild dragsters in drag racing history.

So if you are the fans of drag racing car, wheelstander and love speed, check out these 6 insane creations right now: The Big Red, Chuck Weck's Supercharged 1959 DeSoto Pro Mod, "MENTAL BREAKDOWN", The World Fastest Splitscreen VW, Jim Brewer's Peacemaker - Old School Wheelstander, Ken Nelson's Cool Bus Fun System Wheelstander, The Flyin Fyfer, Ed "The Outlaw" Jones.