Custom Hot Rods And Rat Rods

Rats at The Beaver is a popular hot rod and rat rod customization shop located at The Beaver Bar in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. The Beaver Bar is a well-known biker bar and restaurant that attracts motorcycle enthusiasts and car lovers from all over.

Rat rods and hot rods are both types of custom-built cars, but they have distinct styles. Rat rods are often created from vintage cars, typically from the 1920s to the 1950s, and are designed to have a rough, unfinished appearance. They often feature exposed engines, rusty or patina finishes, and a minimalist interior. Rat rods emphasize creativity and individuality, with builders incorporating unique and unconventional elements into their designs.

Hot rods, on the other hand, are typically built from older American cars that have been modified to improve performance and style. They often have large engines, custom paint jobs, and sleek interiors. Hot rods maintain a vintage aesthetic but with a more polished and refined look compared to rat rods.

Rats at The Beaver offers customization services for both rat rods and hot rods, catering to enthusiasts who want to add a personal touch to their vehicles. They can help with engine modifications, bodywork, custom paint jobs, interior enhancements, and other customization options based on the client's preferences.

The Beaver Bar itself is a biker-friendly establishment that hosts various events and gatherings, including bike shows, live music performances, and car meets. It has become a popular destination for motorcycle riders, car enthusiasts, and locals looking for a unique atmosphere.

So, in today's video you can see a lot of wild custom rat rods and hot rods. Scroll down and watch the video below. Don't forget to leave your comment!