5 Hot Rods And Rat Rods Powered By Twin Engines

Talking about hot rod and rat rod, most of us first think of some popular hot rod models as: ford model a hot rod, 32 ford hot rod, chevy hot rod, 1932 ford coupe, 32 ford roadster, t bucket hot rod, diesel rat rod, jeep rat rod, vw rat rod, model a rat rod...

However, there are many other special hot rods and rat rods that have been build to become world famous. Yes, we are mentioning of hot rods and rat rods that were built with twin engines and more and known as dual engine hot rod or multi engine hot rod.

Today, we are showing you top 5 the wildest hot rods and rat rods that powered by twin engines and four engines. These american hot rods and rat rods are really the automotive art works, one-off cars and very well-known in the world. So, if you are a fans of hot rods, rat rods and twin engine cars, you will be amazed by these incredible cars!

A list of 5 hot rods and rat rods that powered by twin engines includes: John Hulf's 1941 Chrysler: twin 92 Chrysler Hemi engines, 6-71 Blowers, Double Trouble Hot Rod - a 1927 Model T powered by two 4.6 -liter modular Ford V8 engines, Life Size Twin Mill Hot Wheels with twin Chevy 502 Big Block engines and B&M Blowers, 1932 Ford Twice Blown Custom Delivery, it can produce 1,250 horsepower x2 with a pair of Keith Black all-aluminum 572ci Hemis, 1962 Ford Econoline "Equadoline" - this Econoline is fitted with four 4.6L Ford engines fitted with hemispherical heads and superchargers!

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