How I Mounted Coilovers And Diagonal Link - Model A Coupe Street Rat

Rat rods are a type of hot rod that emphasizes a rough, unfinished appearance, often with a weathered or distressed exterior. They are typically built using salvaged or recycled parts and are known for their raw, stripped-down aesthetic.

The Ford Model A Coupe was a popular car produced by Ford from 1927 to 1931. It featured a classic design and was one of the first affordable mass-produced vehicles. Today, many automotive enthusiasts enjoy customizing and modifying Model A Coupes to create unique rat rod builds.

Rat Rod may feature various modifications such as lowered suspensions, oversized wheels and tires, exposed engine components, unique paint schemes, and unconventional interior designs. These modifications aim to capture the spirit of traditional hot rodding and create a distinctive, eye-catching vehicle.

Today let's see how Bob mounted the coilovers and the diagonal link. His 5-window A Coupe Street Rat looks great. Don't miss the chance to learn something new! Check out the video below and enjoy!