Full Build: Rolling Chassis To Finished One-Off Hot Rod Street Truck

This is a project to build an awesome 1937 Ford! There are plans to build a tricked out Hot Rod Truck that'll be lowered, chopped, loud and just plain old cool. Project Hot Rod Truck gets its drivetrain in the form of a hot small block Ford V8, a 6 speed manual transmission, a one piece driveshaft and a bullet proof rear end. It's a driveline guaranteed to smoke Project HRT's massive 22 inch wide rear tires!

This truck's skin is made of fiberglass not metal but don't worry, glass work is not as hard as you think, and you will see just how it's done. Then, this frame will be turned into a work of art by one of our favorite custom shops. And then, back in the shop, these guys will start planning out the right interior for this awesome '37 Ford before they're painting Project HRT!

These guys will plan what will make the paint job look great and timeless, and then head into the cockpit to apply over a dozen different coats of paint. And after that, they'll put all the pieces back together to make metal, fiberglass and paint become Project HRT and it's wearing the coolest paint job to ever roll out of the Trucks! shop. Then one of the very best metal crafters ever, Ron Covell, stops by the shop to teach us how to make our own handmade and very unique air intake for HRT.

Watch the video we present to you today and you will be amazed by this special vehicle!