Hot Rod Drag Week

Hot Rod Drag Week is an annual event organized by HOT ROD magazine where street legal race cars are put to the test on a grueling week-long competition. Participants must drive their cars on public roads between multiple drag racing tracks, covering hundreds of miles, and then compete in a series of drag races at each track.

The cars are required to meet certain criteria to be considered street legal, and they must be driven on the street during the event, not trailered. To participate, cars must be fully street legal, which means they should have functioning headlights, taillights, turn signals, brake lights, and other safety equipment required for road use. The car must be registered and insured for road use and pass any local emissions requirements.

Most cars in Drag Week are heavily modified in terms of their powertrain. Participants often equip their vehicles with high-performance engines, aftermarket superchargers or turbochargers, and other engine enhancements to maximize horsepower and torque. Participants bring a wide variety of vehicles to the event, ranging from classic American muscle cars like the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang to imports and more unique custom-built machines.

To handle the demanding conditions of both street driving and drag racing, these cars typically have upgraded chassis and suspension components. Aftermarket parts like coilovers, control arms, and sway bars are common. As safety is a priority, all participants are required to have certain safety equipment in their vehicles. This can include a roll cage, racing harnesses, fire extinguishers, and other safety gear.

Many cars in this competition have tubbed rear wheel wells, which allow for larger tires and better traction during drag races. This modification often necessitates the relocation of the rear suspension components. The tires used in Drag Week are typically street-legal drag racing tires, such as street slicks or drag radials, that provide better grip for launching off the line.

Upgraded fuel systems are common to handle the increased fuel demands of high-performance engines, and enhanced cooling systems are essential to prevent overheating during long drives and racing. Some participants add aerodynamic enhancements, such as front splitters and rear wings, to improve stability at high speeds.

HOT ROD Drag Week is a challenging event that pushes both the driver and the car to their limits. Participants must balance the need for raw drag racing performance with the practicality and reliability required for street driving. It's a true test of engineering, driving skill, and endurance, making it a must-see event for automotive enthusiasts.

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