Ratty Rat Rods

Rat rods are a type of custom car or truck known for their rough, unfinished, and often rusty appearance. They are a subculture within the hot rod community and have gained popularity over the years. Unlike traditional hot rods, which are typically restored or modified vintage vehicles with polished and glossy finishes, rat rods embrace a "backyard-built" or "DIY" aesthetic.

Rat rods often have a weathered and distressed look, with rusty exteriors, visible welds, and mismatched parts. They may also feature a mix of vintage and modern components. Rat rods are highly customized, with owners creatively incorporating various materials, salvaged parts, and personal touches to make each vehicle unique.

Unlike traditional hot rods, which aim for both performance and aesthetic appeal, rat rods prioritize functionality and a "raw" look over a polished appearance. Rat rods are typically built on a tight budget, making use of affordable or recycled parts whenever possible.

Rat rod builders often take a hands-on approach, doing much of the work themselves and embracing a "do-it-yourself" ethos. Rat rods draw inspiration from the hot rodding culture of the 1940s and 1950s, a time when people modified cars with whatever parts were available.

Rat rods have a passionate following within the automotive community and are often appreciated for their unique and individualistic style, celebrating the spirit of creativity and resourcefulness that defines hot rodding culture.

Today we will watch a video of Rat Rods from various car shows in Michigan and Florida. It will be awesome!