Abandoned 87 Year Old Barn Find Rescue! 1936 Plymouth Rat Rod

The term "rat rod" originally referred to early hot rods that were built on a budget, using whatever parts were available, often with an emphasis on function over aesthetics. Over time, the rat rod style evolved into a distinct and popular genre within the custom car community.

When building a rat rod, enthusiasts may keep the vintage body of the car intact or modify it minimally while leaving the paintwork in a patinaed or distressed state. Some rat rods have exposed engines, rusty exteriors, and a stripped-down interior, giving them a raw and rebellious appearance. The focus is on creativity, individuality, and craftsmanship rather than conforming to traditional automotive norms.

Each rat rod is unique, reflecting the builder's personality and preferences. While some rat rods are built purely for show, many are functional and can be driven on the road, providing a distinctive and attention-grabbing driving experience.

A 1936 Plymouth Rat Rod refers to a custom car built from a 1936 Plymouth vehicle using the rat rod style. Rat rods are a subculture of custom cars known for their rough, unfinished appearance, often incorporating salvaged parts from various vehicles to create a unique and creative design. A 1936 Plymouth Rat Rod was parked in 1990! This car is 87 years old! And it's an absolutely beautiful vehicle!

Check out the video and tell us what do you think of it! Enjoy this amazing car!