Forgotten Farm Truck To Ultimate Hot Rod Pickup In 30 Minutes

In December of 2021 Matt and Mike headed to Texas to load up a tractor trailer load of Model As and Parts. They decided the 1929 Ford Model A Pickup would make a perfect hot rod parts hauler. Matt and the crew spent the next year turning this rusty and rusty pickup into a killer hot rod!

Some facts about this beautiful vintage vehicle. The 1929 Ford Model A Pickup is a classic vehicle that holds a significant place in automotive history. It's part of Ford's Model A lineup, which succeeded the iconic Model T and helped define the transition between the early and mid-20th century automotive eras.

The Model A was introduced in 1927 as Ford's successor to the immensely popular Model T. The Model A brought numerous advancements in design, engineering, and features compared to the Model T. The Model A was available in various body styles, including sedans, coupes, roadsters, and pickups. The availability of a pickup version made it a practical choice for those who needed a work vehicle.

The design of the 1929 Model A Pickup reflected the era's style with its rounded lines, curved fenders, and prominent front grille. The cab and bed were integrated into a single unit, giving the truck a cohesive appearance. The cab was designed to accommodate the driver and passenger comfortably, while the bed at the back could be used for hauling cargo. The bed typically had wood planks and steel railings.

The 1929 Model A was powered by a 3.3-liter inline-four engine that produced around 40 horsepower. This was a significant improvement over the Model T's engine, providing better performance and higher top speeds. Unlike the Model T's planetary gearbox, the Model A featured a more conventional three-speed sliding-gear manual transmission, which made shifting gears easier and smoother. The Model A Pickup incorporated a leaf-spring suspension setup, offering a more comfortable ride compared to the Model T's suspension.

The 1929 Ford Model A Pickup marked a pivotal moment in automotive history. It bridged the gap between the early era of utilitarian and basic vehicles (like the Model T) and the modern era of more comfortable, stylish, and feature-rich cars and trucks. Its popularity and sales success helped Ford regain its position as a leader in the automotive industry.

Today, the 1929 Ford Model A Pickup is a cherished classic among automotive enthusiasts and collectors. Its timeless design and historical significance make it a sought-after vehicle for those who appreciate vintage automobiles. Watch the video below till the end to see how amazing this vintage hot rod truck is! Let's us know what you think of it in the comments.